The Saoirse Group Case Study

This case study focuses on how Stryde has helped The Saoirse Group (Vodafone Franchise) to grow their business using our tailored accountancy services.

Isla Bell
Onboarding & Marketing Executive
January 26, 2024

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The Soirse Group (TSG) Managing Director Chris Wilkins first found out about Stryde after being recommended our services by a colleague. He was looking for an accountant to take control of his entire finance function, including finance director services, financial controller services, bookkeeping, payroll & self assessment. After an initial conversation with Stryde CEO Kieran James, Wilkins made the decision to work with Stryde as his outsourced accountant in the hopes of organising & managing his business finances.

The Story of TSG

The Saoirse Group are Vodafone franchisee known for their expert knowledge and exceptional customer service in all areas of communications from mobile and tablet to Fixed Broadband. Their reputation is built on consistently delivering the highest level of customer care and building long-term client relations.

The Challenges Faced by TSG

The main challenge faced by TSG, like most businesses, was time. Not enough time to spend understanding financial reports, managing their finances, analysing software efficiency, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, because they needed to focus on other areas of the business that affect the bottom line. This is where Stryde’s services have helped, getting to know the their unique business needs and offering appropriate tailored services, including Financial Controller and Finance Director Services. Since working with us, Chris has said that he gets the value that comes with the cost and is grateful that Stryde has taken the time to build a relationship with his company and share similar values.

“By working with Stryde they take the time consuming work out of my business. This enables me to spend more time on my business where I can make a difference to our performance and profitability. They really are a 'one stop shop' for everything I need to help run my business in an efficient manner”

Why TSG Chose Stryde

Level of Service - Stryde were able to offer TSG the level of service they required, which included finance director and financial controller services, as well as day to day accounting activities such as bookkeeping, payroll and VAT. Cost - Chris stated that cost was very important to him when finding an accountant and he feels as though he gets good value for money with Stryde, People - Chris wanted an accountant that he could have a close relationship with and that understood his business in detail, including systems, processes and unique needs.

The Results

Since joining Stryde in 2020, TSG have been very happy with the services they have received, expressing that Stryde have saved them lots of time and have covered all areas of their business needs after getting to know the business and building a strong relationship with them.

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“What I like about Stryde is that they can cater for all my needs. This means I don't have to have to deal with multiple businesses.”

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