Our Values

Stryde is built on a foundation of core values that guide us in providing a comprehensive and transparent service to our clients. These values have been carefully considered and categorised to accurately reflect our business and team ethos. We believe that embodying these values is key to delivering exceptional service and building lasting relationships with our clients. Explore the four categories that define our values and learn more about what drives us at Stryde.

Certified chartered accountant Matt sat in a grey chair in front of a grey marble wall with vertical strips of light. He is leaning forward on his legs with his hands resting on one leg that is placed over the other

Stryde for Excellence

• Do everything thoroughly and accurately to avoid errors
• Know your limitations
• Always ask for help when needed
• Look for the learning opportunity in everything you do

Be Considerate

• Guide clients to work the Stryde way for the benefit of all parties
• Put yourself into clients and colleagues shoes
• Be approachable
• Be friendly 
• Don’t be dismissive
• Be patient
• Be candid, yet respectful

Marketing executive Isla at her desk laughing with her elbow resting on the back of her chair
Stryde CEO Kieran James laughing at something Jamie said.

Dynamic Mindset

• We are not here to be “accountants” we’re here to provide financial clarity 
• Proactively identify potential problems
• Always solve problems by first contextualising it with the bigger picture
• Be commercially aware to understand the mechanisms of business
• Consistently analyse appropriateness of software and services for clients

Tenacious Attitude

• Be committed to complete work on time
• Get the job done
• Keep smiling
• Be adaptable
• Have a flexible attitude to your work schedule depending on business requirements

Certified chartered accountant Liam smiling to someone outside of the frame. Sitting at his desk with his laptop in front of him

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