Business Pulse

Do I need more staff? Can I improve efficiency in my financial processes? How can I identify weak areas of my business? 

If you are asking these questions then our one-off business pulse service might be for you, offering a comprehensive solution to solving many of your business needs. Our team of experts conduct a detailed analysis of your business, followed by a full review of cost savings you can make and provide solutions to operational and system inefficiencies, which can help you streamline your processes and increase productivity.

Why Stryde?

Our team of experts has years of commercial experience across several industries and departments, so they can help you optimise your processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase productivity.

Download a sample of our Business Pulse report here:

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Our Process

STEP 01: Analysis

Analysis requires a review of both core and wider business strategies and goals. We study your business model, operational procedures, financial data processing efficiency, and overall performance to identify areas of improvement, gathering data through interviews, document reviews, and software analysis.

STEP 02: Review

Once we have all the data, we review this and identify areas where you can make cost savings. We look at a holistic view of your business identifying potential opportunities and their associated costs aiming to reduce costs, reduce human error and remove any waste.

STEP 03: Solutions

We provide you with a report detailing several areas of improvement and recommending appropriate solutions.


Business Pulse FAQ

How much does it cost?

The cost of our business pulse service varies based on individual businesses and the value we can provide. Our pricing typically starts at £5000, and we guarantee to save your company time and money if you proceed with our recommendations.

How long will it take?

Based on previous pulse services we have completed, below are the average times spent on each stage of the process. Analysis: 3 days, Review: 3 weeks, Solutions: provided at the end of the review

How much time do my team and I need to invest?

This varies greatly, but generally about 1-2 days across the entire process.

Do you guarantee to save me time?

We conduct pre-pulse checks. These checks help us conduct a brief overview of your business to ensure that we can offer you value with our pulse service.

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Customers love the ease
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"Stryde are great. I always knew that my previous accountants were cheaper but I finally understand why and that it’s not necessarily a good thing. You guys are great!"

Ben Hawkes
B Hawkes LLP

"Stryde are honestly a game changer for my business and I would wholeheartedly recommend them."

Studio Dean

"Stryde are honestly a game changer for my business and I would wholeheartedly recommend them."

Cathy Dean

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